Like many other Hindu festivals, Holi is celebrated as a national festival in Nepal, and almost everyone celebrates it, no matter what their religion is. Holi, also known as the “Color Festival”, is one of the most important festivals of Hindus and the India People walk in their communities to celebrate Holi, exchange colours and spray coloured water. A popular activity is to throw water balloon at each other, called Lola. On this day, people will prepare special foods and drinks to rejuvenate with friends and family. Holi also welcomes winter and summer with true family happiness. It is believed that in this festival, the combination of different colours can take away all the sorrows, make the life itself more colourful, and at the same time let friends and family forget all the jealousy and anxiety.

The Nepal Holi Festival on March 20, 2019. Below are the 9 helpful tips for travellers:

1. Wear appropriate clothes

It is best to wear white clothes during the Holi Festival. On these clothes, you can clearly see all the coloured powders, you can’t wash the ink, so don’t wear any expensive clothes, it is recommended to buy some cheap white clothes from the local market.

2. Wearing sunglasses

Wear sunglasses so you can protect your eyes from powder splashes on your face. This powder will hurt your eyes.

3. Protect your hair

It is possible that the powder mixes the real paint and will stick to the hair all the time, all the wonderful colours in your hair lasts for a few weeks. Unless you like pink, green or blue hair, it’s best to be prepared to protect your hair. For example, you can wear a hat or headscarf to protect your hair.

4. Protect your camera or use GoPro

It’s great to take some photos during the Holi festival, but be prepared for your camera! Seal the camera body with a zipper bag and tape. Make sure these colourful powders and water don’t cause fatal damage to your camera or phone. Personally, I don’t recommend carrying a phone or any other valuables with you unless it’s GoPro.

5. Check where you are going

During the Holi festival, many squares or fields will organize special events. Ask your travel company or hotel staff or local friends for the best place to go.

6. Wear a mask

Usually, the powder will be scattered on your face and mouth. Masks can help you avoid absorbing bright colours of powder, and most importantly, it will ensure that your face will not be covered by the waterproof coating, making you look like a clown next month.

7. Prepare for some minor injuries

The water balloon thrown by Nepalese children is sometimes really hurting. Get ready to find some bruises on you the next day.

8. Prepare for getting wet

Since the beginning of the week before the Holi Festival in Nepal, you will be the target of splashing water for a whole week. In the first four days of the Holi Festival, you may get a lot of water balloon while walking on the street or at tourist attractions.

9. Don’t worry, enjoy yourself

Even if you will be splashed with water for a whole week, or paint colouring, just enjoy the Holi Festival and don’t be angry with the locals. Celebrating this magical tradition is your own choice, and sometimes those annoying water balloon may hurt you.

I wish you a happy time at the Holi Festival in Nepal. I hope these tips will prepare you for a rare surprise in this life!


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