What is Visit Nepal Year 2020?

Nepal is Uniquely endowed with rich and diverse natural and cultural attractions due to its geographical location in the Himalayas. Nowhere else on earth is there such an incomparable cultural heritage nor such a rich environmental spectrum from the highest mountains to the Terai plains. Strategically located between two fastest growing countries of China and India, tourism in Nepal is a sector of comparative advantage which can be instrumental in spreading benefits and providing alternative economic opportunities to build Peace and Prosperity for the people of the New Nepal.

The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation in consultation with its industry partners has produced Nepal Tourism Vision 2010 to guide tourism development throughout the country. The Vision complements the national endeavour of economic reform and incorporates a spirit of inclusiveness for a broad-based enabling an environment that sets the pace of gradual but focused change in the tourism sector.


Why you must Visit Nepal in the Year 2020?

Nepal is an epitome of natural beauty and geographical variation. A trekker’s paradise and a thrill seekers dream come true; Nepal is a country with a bustling, warm and welcoming population of people, thriving to develop the country with income generated significantly through tourism. Nepal is a curtain of colourful prayer flags and the land of golden temples. Charming hill villages, jungle wildlife, high peaks are the primary attributes of this country.


What are the Activities that you can Explore in Nepal?

Aerial: Mountain flight, Hang gliding, Paragliding, Cable Car, Bungee Jumping, Ultra-light Aircraft, Hot
Air Ballooning, Sky diving etc.

Terrestrial: Mountaineering, Trekking / Hiking, Jungle Safari, Wildlife Tourism, Honey Hunting, Mountain
Biking, Rock Climbing, Caving, Skiing, Golf, Elephant polo, Motor Rally, Himalayan Marathon, Triathlon, Pony Treks, etc

Aquatic: Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Boating, fishing, Angling, Canyoning, Cascading, Jet Ski etc.

Niches: Eco-tourism, Village tourism, Community-based tourism, Agro-tourism, Culture tourism, Pilgrimage and Spiritual tourism, Educational Tourism, Health and Wellness tourism, Special interest tours etc.


Highlights of Visit Nepal in 2020

Birthplace of Gautam Buddha
Nepal is the land of the peace-loving Buddha, and this fact is reflected in its inhabitants too. The birthplace of Buddha is in Lumbini, Nepal. Lumbini is a sacred place for Buddhists, and all the remnants of the royal dynasty
of Gautam Buddha remain there to this day.

Buddhist Tourism Destinations
Architectural delights ranging from Ashoka Pillar, the eternal flame, Mayadevi temple, etc. Remain there in glory to this day. The premises of the birthplace of Gautam Buddha has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In fact, Nepal has a total of 10 World Heritage Sites enlisted in UNESCO.

Mount Everest – The highest point on earth
Mount Everest is a spectacle that is also situated in the beautiful country of Nepal. Getting the chance to view the highest point is in itself a feat. This is why the presence of Mount Everest is one of the 10 reasons you must visit Nepal in 2020. Standing above 8850m over sea level, Everest is the highest point in Nepal. Scaling this peak has been considered to be one of the most significant achievements of mountaineering. It was scaled first by
Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary.

Climb Mount Everest?
Even if you are not a mountaineer, trekking to the Everest region in Nepal is a beautiful experience that is undoubtedly set to remain embedded in minds throughout many years. Everest region holds other mountainous peaks like Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, etc. all of which call for a perfect trekking destination offering views of these snow-clad mountain peaks.

The land of rivers – More than 6000 rivers flow in Nepal
Nepal is the country with the second most abundant water resources. It is the land of rivers that flow down from the abundance of mountains that the country holds. Nepal has over 6000 roaring rivers that flow through it. A land filled with water resources all around, this is another one of the 10 reasons why you must visit Nepal in 2020. An abundance of rivers means personal views and adventure activities.

Rafting in Nepal
Nepal is also known for a huge number of water-related activities. Rafting, kayaking, and canoeing are extremely popular in Nepal. Nepal has a number of fast flowing rivers that make it a destination for water sports seekers. The
water activities found in Nepal are rated as the top ones in the world. If you are an enthusiast willing to partake in water activities then Nepal is the perfect destination for you.

Bungy Jump in Nepal
Bird Watching – Nepal is the home of 876 species of birds Nepal is also a haven for bird watchers all over the world. It is a destination for geographic experts and people who study flora and fauna too. However, it is more critical for bird watchers and ornithologists as Nepal has over 879 species of birds. Among these species, two are endemic species which are found only in Nepal.