Mystical Shangri-la of the TIBET, the kingdom is prohibited on the roof of the world captured the imagination of home pendant centuries. Large explores and then adventures of the century in this Holy Land makes inaccessible by the hostile conditions and normal gangsters in this waylaid through the Himalayas. In spite of the untold devastation caused during the Cultural revolution, Tibet after the size, majesty, magic and the remainders of mystery undiminished always. One can motionlessly see nomads today living in a troop of their yaks, plains adoring with the crowned shrines and the expandable one, striking and supporting Himalayan topography. Tibet is really paradise to enter!

From the great archaeological sites of China, travel across the vast Tibetan Plateau and into the mountain Kingdom of Nepal. The intense spirituality of the Tibetan people is ever-present in their remote monasteries, high mountain passes traditional homes and colourful marketplaces. Join the pilgrim’s circumambulations, sample yak butter tea, eat plenty of dumplings and immerse yourself in the atmospheric monastic rituals. Complete the odyssey with a panoramic view of Mt. Everest and you have extraordinary real-life experience!

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