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Trip Overview of Simikot-Kailash-(EBC)

Mount Kailash trekking from Simikot provides an opportunity to learn about both Nepalese and Tibetan culture. There is no direct flight from Kathmandu to Simikot. You must fly 1 and half-hours to Nepalgunj on the Southern border of Nepal, spend a night and take an early morning flight to Simikot. If you want to walk to Simikot, takes about 15 days from Surkhet. Simikot (elevation 2910 metres) is on the ridge high above the Humla Karnali encircled by high snow covered ridges. Simikot (opened to trekkers in 1993) is the seat of Nepal’s most remote district, Humla, several days’ walk from the nearest major village. There is a continuous stream of “Humli” people from surrounding villages trading, buying supplies and dealing with various bureaucracies. After 5/6 days trekking (Simikot-Tuling-Kermi-Yangar-Torea-Sipsip-Taklakot), a stone pillar that marks the Nepal/Tibet border is just across a rickety wooden bridge, perhaps one of the most informal border crossings in the world. Hereafter you can make your trip to Mt. Kailash. Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and Bonpos have considered mount Kailash sacred for thousands of years. For Hindus and Buddhists it is the center of the Universe. It is atop this mountain that Lord Siva dwells in meditation. A pilgrimage to the mountain and around it is a sacred goal for the faithful.

Detail itinerary of Simikot-Kailash-(EBC)

  • DAY 01

    Fly to Nepalgunj. Overnight (O/N) at Nepalgunj.

  • DAY 02

    Nepalgunj - Simikot. O/N at Simikot.

  • DAY 03

    Simikot - Tuling

  • DAY 04

    Tuling - Kermi

  • DAY 05

    Kermi - Yangar

  • DAY 06

    Yangar - Torea

  • DAY 07

    Torea - Yari

  • DAY 08

    Yari - Sera

  • DAY 09

    Sera - Purang

  • DAY 10

    Purang - Darchen

  • DAY 11-13

    Trek Around Mt. Kailash

  • DAY 14

    Drive to Darchen

  • DAY 15

    Drive to Mansorovar Lake

  • DAY 16

    Explore around Mansorovar Lake

  • DAY 17

    Manasarovar Mazomla Pass

  • DAY 18

    Mazomla Pass Dzongba

  • DAY 19

    Dzongba Paiku Tso (Lake)

  • DAY 20

    Paiku Tso Nyalam

  • DAY 21

    Nyalam - Old Tingri

  • DAY 22

    Old Tingri - Rongbuck Monastery

  • DAY 23

    Rongbuck Monastre - Everest Base Camp

  • DAY 24-26

    Trek around Everest Base Camp

  • DAY 27

    Drive Rongbuck - Nyalam

  • DAY 28

    Nayalam - Kodari (border) - KTM

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