Are planning your tour to Tibet? You will be able to see the pristine beauty of the region. Also, you could participate in the numerous highly colourful festivals of the region. Hardly a day passes without some festivities, ceremonial observances or pilgrimages occurring in some part of the region or the other. More than 100 major and minor festivals that take place throughout the year include horse racing, dancing, singing, praying, and displays of religious artwork. Whichever festival you include in your travel itinerary, be sure to carry lots of memories.

Below is the schedule for Tibetan Festivals in 2019. If your travel schedule allows, it is worth arranging a trip to Tibet when festivals are taking place.

Name of the Festivals Festival Places Year 2019
Tibetan New Year (Losar) Almost all Tibet Feb 5
Monlam Prayer Festival Lhasa Feb 9
Butter Oil Lantern Festival Almost all Tibet Feb 19
Saga Dawa Almost all Tibet Jun 17
Gyantse Horse Racing Festival (Gyantse Damag) Gyantse Jul 20
Tashi Lhunpo Thangka Display Shigatse Jul 15
Zamling Chisang / Samye Dolde Samye Monastery July 16
Chokor Duchen Festival Almost all Tibet Aug 4
Ganden Thangka Display Ganden Monastery Aug 15
Shoton Festival Lhasa Aug 30 -Sept 5
Nachu Horse Racing Nachu Aug 10 – 16
Lhabab Duchen Festival Almost all Tibet Nov 19
Pal Lhamo Festival Lhasa Dec 12
Ganden Ngacho Almost all Tibet Dec 21
Labrang Monlam Festival Amdo,Labrang Feb 17
Lithang Horse Racing Festival ( Not permanent) Lithang Aug 1
Jye Kundo (Yushu) Horse Racing Festival Yushu July 25th