Wondering what are the most beautiful peaks in the Himalayas of Nepal? When it comes to peak climbing in Nepal, surely is the ultimate choice for all the climbers. Having blessed with more than 1,200 snow-capped mountains with an altitude of or above 6,000 meters Nepal is a true paradise for peak climbers, that is why many climbers quote the experience being unmatchable.

Looking for Peak Climbing in Nepal 2019/2020?

Travelling to Nepal is good for all seasons. However, for trekking and Peak climbing, spring and Autumn seasons are best. Island and Mera Peaks are the best Peaks in the  Himalayas of Nepal. Nepal Himalayas are popular among the adventure lovers around the world.

Below is the list of 9 most beautiful peaks in the Himalayas of Nepal.


S. No. Himalayas of Nepal Duration
1 Amphu Labtsa Pass Peak Climbing 30 Days
2 Chulu West Peak Climbing 26 Days
3 Island Peak Climbing 23 Days
4 Mera Peak Climbing 23 Days
5 Nayakanga Peak Climbing 19 Days
6 Pachermo Peak Climbing 26 Days
7 Pisang Peak Climbing 20 Days
8 Ramdung Peak Climbing 27 Days
9 Tukuche Peak Climbing 24 Days