When you want to organize challenging trips, the best advice is to apply directly to a local trekking agency. For challenging journeys we mean those distant destinations, where English is hardly spoken, which provide for a varied itinerary, with different stages, adventurous, which involves the change of means of transport or places that are difficult to reach by one’s own means.

Trips like, trekking in Nepal is difficult to organize with a tour operator in your country and it is even more difficult to organize them on your own. Even if you choose to visit countries like Bhutan or China, where you can even go alone, it can be complicated because you have to overcome the huge language barrier.

The trekking agency would take you along with 20 other people (or even more) around with big buses, in the hotels outside the city, in self-service restaurants, making you lose all the magic of the place. And you would spend a lot.
If instead, you decide to organize a do-it-yourself itinerary, you should spend hours and hours in front of the computer months before departure looking for information, booking hotels, cars, trains, entrances to sites of interest, restaurants and so on, taking into account the calendar, without missing a comma. Nice, yes, but what stress.

Let each person do their job. The result of the trip will be guaranteed. So, let’s go to a travel agency, but a local one. Possibly you speak our language.

Being personalized trips, only small groups are organized – even just us and our family, for example – with tailor-made programs based on our requests and our curiosity. Furthermore, being local agencies do not impose so many costs that are instead applied in Italy. Thus, the trip booked with a local agency is cheaper.

Finding local trekking agencies in Nepal is not difficult, indeed. No need to browse the web and browse endless lists of addresses and websites and their online reviews. There is a Sahara Holidays Nepal Treks & Expedition,  which connects travellers from all over the world.