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Wildlife Hunting in Nepal

Wildlife Hunting in Nepal




Long isolated from the rest of the world, the kingdom of Nepal - “the last name of mystery”- is a sportsman from all over the world. Owing to its geographical position, Nepal experiences an unusual number of variations in climate and geological features, with a consequent abundance of different flora and fauna. It is, therefore the natural habitat of many species that can be hunted. The breath-taking Himalayas of Nepal offer some of the finest high mountain hunting in the world. Bharal or Blue sheep can be hunted in the high mountains, while Himalayan thar, barking deer and leopard in the mid-mountains. Spotted deer, barking deer, hog deer and wild boar can be hunted in the Terai or the lowlands from the backs of well trained elephants.


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This is strictly a blue sheep hunt. However, Himalayan thar hunts can be arranged on special cases for extra royalties. Clients wishing to hunt any or all of these animals must inform outfitter as soon as their sheep hunt is finalised.
  • Season: March to mid-may and late September to November
  • Area: Gurja and Dhaulagiri Himal at an altitude of 12,000ft.-15,000ft. Clients going to Gurja or interior Dhaula area either transfer to Dhorpatan by stol plane or directly to interior Dhaula area by helicopter. From Dhorpatan ponies can also be arranged for those clients who prefer to ride until the trail runs out and then stalking of bharal commences on foot.
  • Length : 17-21 days. Hunts can also be completed in 10 days if clients fly into and out of interior area by helicopter.


  • Season: December, January and February.
  • Area: East of Kathmandu at an altitude of 7,000ft.-13,000ft. a region with impressive scenic grandeur viewing the Eastern Himalayan ranges. Stol or twin Otter aircraft transfer clients to jiri airport. From Jiri stalking on foot is the method of hunting the thar in their rocky and precipitous habitat.
  • Length: 17-21 days.


  • Season: December, January and February.
  • Area: Southern forested lowland. Regular scheduled flights to Biratnagar and Nepalgung. A special feature of this hunt is that clients go out and search for their Terai game on the backs of specially trained elephants-each driven by an expert mahout.
  • Length: Minimum 14 days. Due to unavailability of all the Terai game in one area, client may have to hunt in two different areas. In this case a full period of 21 days is required for the hunt.

Rifles in the .300 magnum to .270 magnum range are recommended for blue sheep and Mid-mountain hunting. A .300 or 7mm magnum would be ideal for the Terai hunt. Shout gun can be provided by outfitter on hire but shells will have to be brought by clients. 50 rounds of rifle ammunition and 100 rounds of shot gun shells are permitted into the country. Six passport sized photos and firearm particulars of clients should be sent to us 30 days prior to the hunt.

All hunters will be met on arrival at Kathmandu International Airport by a representative from our agency, who will arrange customs clearance for all weapons and equipment. The same service will be performed on departure.

Note: Mountain game hunting areas lack in medical facilities, clients are advised to have through medical check up before coming to Nepal. Despite the fact that we practice all necessary precautions for the welfare of your health and property, clients are advised to have insurance coverage.

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