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Mountain Biking In Tibet

Mountain biking in Tibet is for the adventurous and popular tourism activities in Tibet. The roads are long and hard and the altitude is a force to be reckoned with, so is the wind. That being said, there is some seriously once-in-a-lifetime biking available in Tibet and our trips are designed to allow you to explore in depth, absorbing the scenery and culture, while undertaking the challenge of biking in this altitude and road conditions.

Your biking adventure can be combined with a trekking or a 4WD overland component to mix up the activity levels and cover some more distance – let us know what you’d like to do and if it’s even remotely possible, then we’ll make it happen for you!

Available Trips: Mountain Biking In Tibet

  • Amdo via Mt. Amnye Machen Biking & Hiking Tour

    Amdo via Mt. Amnye Machen Biking & Hiking Tour

    This is one of our new biking itineraries from mainland China to Amdo Labrang Monastery via Qinghai Kokonar Lake (Blue Lake), biking to Mt.Maqen Kangri (The holest mountain in the Amdo area), and then driving to Lhasa. View Details
  • Central Tibet Bike tour

    Central Tibet Bike tour

    This itinerary is designed to introduce the unique culture and history of central Tibet. Fly over the Himalayas to Tibet and travel around Lhasa city, then start biking and hiking around Ganden Monastery, the Yarlong Valley and the Namtso Lake area. View Details
  • East Tibet Biking Tour

    East Tibet Biking Tour

    Sahara Holidays Nepal Treks did one special biking trip which named "BIKING FOR THE BLINDS" from Lijiang to Lhasa around nearly 2000km and this group is made up 8 defferent nationalities in 2001. View Details
  • Kashgar via Mt. Kailash Biking & Hiking Tour

    Kashgar via Mt. Kailash Biking & Hiking Tour

    This special itinerary includes 25 days biking from Kashgar to Tibet, Mt.Kailash & Manasarovar Lake,It is a one of the most hardest biking on the world, Because of high altitude passes,rough road and Life style,After Mount Kailash kora then drive to Nepal View Details
  • Lhasa To Nepal Border Mountain Bike Tour

    Lhasa To Nepal Border Mountain Bike Tour

    This tour can be organize in three different ways. 1.All-inclusive Bike Tour: Our all-inclusive tour comes with camping equipment, food, support jeep, truck and cooks all supplied. All will be ready for you in deluxe style so you can just enjoy biking a View Details
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