Have you decided to visit Nepal in the Year 2020? Congratulations, you made the best choice! And we will help you with the organization and answer all your questions.

First, let’s talk a little about Nepal. This relatively small country stretches between India and Tibet, absorbing the best of both cultures. Only in Nepal, you can see how two great religions coexist peacefully – Hinduism and Buddhism. The capital of Nepal – Kathmandu, is the most vibrant city on Earth. And after the exit from the airport, you will find yourself in a completely different, unusual world. In each of our treks in Nepal, we take 1-2 days to tour Kathmandu, there is something to see!

Worth to visit Nepal

  1. Get delighted with Nepal: Nepal has some kind of magical effect on a person, and there is no exception. Every time you will find new and soak through the atmosphere prevailing here. In each trekking, we try to show people as much as possible, not limited to the route description on the site. Of course, only if you wish. And it is usually there!
  2. Claimed trips are sure to take place:  Situations, when you buy tickets and the trip is canceled due to our fault are excluded.
  3. Thoughtful routes: Routes are built so that you see and try the most, without risking your health. Where you need to make a day for better acclimatization to height, we do it. Where you can spend a day more and swim in hot springs (for example), we add an extra day to the trek. The Treks are completely different in complexity, from the simplest to the most complex – everyone will choose the one that suits.
  4. We take care of the entire organization on the trek. All you have to think about is from what angle the Annapurna or Everest peak is better and what to eat in the evening.
  5. You will recognize Nepal from the inside: We will wander on stony paths among small villages and you will see how Nepalese live, how they wash their heads (they love this activity very much), how new baskets are weaved from bamboo, how they shout “ Namaste! 
  6. Nepal is expensive. But it’s cheaper with us: We are directly involved in organizing and conducting trekking, so we don’t have any travel agencies or other costs. We try to make trekking in Nepal as comfortable and economical as possible for you because we want as many people as possible to touch the culture of this wonderful country!
  7. We will help you: With the preparation for the trip, we will help on the purchase of tickets and the selection of equipment.