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Trekking In Bhutan

All our treks are well planned, accompanied by trained staff who will take care of all the necessities and make sure that you enjoy trekking in Bhutan. With large assortment of trekking supplies and crew, you will trek through wild and verdant forests with abundant birds and animal lives, across high passes against the back drop of towering snow- capped mountains and along ice-fed gushing streams.

Available Trips: Trekking In Bhutan

  • Bumthang Cultural Trek

    Bumthang Cultural Trek

    This trek is named because, it involves only four days of trek reaching an elevation of 3360 meters / 11,020 ft., and offers an opportunity to visit villages, monasteries, fortresses and temples. View Details
  • Chomhari Trekking

    Chomhari Trekking

    The well-known Chomolhari Trek into northwestern Bhutan passes scattered hamlets, forested valleys and high alpine meadows where Yak herders live in solitude. View Details
  • Dagala Thousand Lakes

    Dagala Thousand Lakes

    This is a short trek, near Thimphu, to a large numbers of lovely high altitude lakes. The trek is not difficult and most trekking days is short but there are some long steep climbs. View Details
  •  Drukpath Trekking

    Drukpath Trekking

    Although this is a short trek, it still goes to high altitude at an elevation of 4210 meters / 13,808 ft., making it moderately strenuous. View Details
  • Gangkhar Puensum Trekking

    Gangkhar Puensum Trekking

    Gangkar Puensum Treks takes you along, bamboo forest, and the blue pines. Along the way you will see lot of yak herders' campsite, where we can enjoy the tea and yak curd. View Details
  • Gangtey Trekking

    Gangtey Trekking

    This is another short trek, which can be reduced more and is recommended in spring, when rhododendron and magnolia are in full bloom. View Details
  • Lala & Lingshi Trekking

    Lala & Lingshi Trekking

    The popular Laya-Lingshi Trek yields spectacular mountain views of Mt... Chomolhari, Jichu Drake, Tserim Gang, Gangchenta and many others. View Details
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